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Content Publisher Services

Consumer-facing clients turn to Quadrant for all their data needs. Whether you are looking to publish data-driven insights on the insurance industry in order to drive SEO traffic, analyze market trends geographically to improve marketing efforts, or improve the way you reach your clients with targeted marketing schematics, Quadrant's data solutions can do it all. 

Full Integration

Our Rating Toolkit technology and database reside on your servers (rating engine, full carrier library, and rating dataset). Uses .NET dynamic link library to create apps and services for  unlimited reports and other details. 

Rating Toolkit

Online Quoting

Quadrant's TopRate™ rating engine provides the necessary APIs in order to access our rating database from your own applications. Gain the ability to handle advanced calculations and high volumes of transactions.

TopRate Web Services

Featured In


Tell us about your research or content  generation goals. We will be in touch with different pricing packages and recommendations. 

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