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Our desktop and web-based platforms offers more than just a batch rater. We enable users to build reports using over 20,000 rates sets nationwide for any carrier. There is a wealth of data in a market’s rate filings and with Quadrant you can analyze in more ways than just premium. 


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Our Rating Toolkit allows you to control how to use our data – our technology and database reside on your servers for access to our rating engine, carrier library, and rating dataset, giving you the full power of information for all things insurance-related.


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Quadrant's TopRate Web Services provides the necessary APIs in order to access our rating database from your own applications. Along with monetization through our partnerships, gain the ability to handle advanced calculations, queries and high volumes of transactions seamlessly.


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Our market inventory ranges from national, regional, preferred, and non-standard carriers, and spans across all 50 states plus D.C.


Per state and line

Subscribe to our rating products for specific states and lines of business. Choose from all 50 states + D.C. for Auto and Home (HO3, HO4, HO6, DF). 


For MapPro7 and InsureWatch.


Subscribe to data for preset project lengths and sizes.


For partnerships only including actuarial and consulting firms. 

Flat rate

Subscribe to annual licenses that include all states and lines. These are the "all you can eat" packages.


For TopRate Web Services and Rating Toolkit.