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Manage and market your product by managing your market and your competition. With our easy-to-use, web-based platform, you can analyze your company’s book and your competitors’ with just a simple click. Quadrant does all the heavy lifting by rating and calculating any templated or custom-built studies, delivered instantly for analysis. Finally, a solution that tells you exactly how and where to be competitive (and it won’t break the bank).​


Up to 80% time reduction.

With an easy to use dashboard, your sales and marketing teams will be able to run and download any report template for your next pricing strategy.

Reports on the go.

From your office, meeting, or even home, InsureWatch® can be accessed promptly and securely from any device with Internet connection.

Custom Reports.

We will do the heavy lifting— just send us your parameters, which could be date ranges, market lists, line base market, or competitor base market.

Pinpoint accuracy.

We have invested literally thousands of hours in developing a four-level QA process that ensures the highest level of accuracy in all of our reports.

The first and only web-based pricing analytics tool, InsureWatch® delivers pre-rated and pre-calculated information. The result? You save time, money, and free up your employees to do what they do best. From marketing to product development and actuarial work, each department obtains the information they need with the click of a button. 

MAPpro7 is the industry’s first pricing analytics platform. This desktop platform is more than just a batch rater, allowing users to build reports using over 20,000 rates sets nationwide for all insurance carriers. There is a wealth of data in a market’s rate filings and with MAPpro7 you can analyze in more ways than just premium.