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TopRate Web Services provide a lead generator with the necessary API’s in order to access our rating database from your own applications. Along with monetization through our partnerships, you will also gain the ability to handle advanced calculations, queries and high volumes of transactions seamlessly. With this arrangement, our technology and database resides on Quadrant’s internal servers OR on your own for quick and immediate responses over the web. ​

With TopRate Web Services you can:

  • Provide instant comparison rating for Auto, Home, Renter, & Condo

  • Increase your quote form conversion ratios

  • Provide Qualified Leads at higher prices to carriers/agents

  • Extensive carrier comparison support for all zip codes

  • Complete flexibility in displaying data/comparisons/profiles/pay plans

  • Increase agility and flexibility to address niche markets

  • Package rating capabilities

  • Speed your time to market

  • Bridge data to your point of sale platform

  • Further develop recognition for your brand

Quadrant provides your shoppers with unparalleled breadth of comparison data for over 20,000 carrier markets, including National Carriers, Farm Bureaus and Key Regional Players.  Quadrant’s Web Services will enable you to seamlessly integrate Quadrant’s TopRate rating engine into your existing applications with complete flexibility in data display and presentation.


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