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Quadrant is more than a data provider—we are your consultant to the world of pricing and pricing strategy. For over 25 years, we have been providing national and regional insurance companies across the country with invaluable information about the insurance world. Now, we are taking your analysis of our data to a new level, as we help guide you to create an environment where you are most competitive.


By taking an active role in your pricing strategies, Quadrant will: 


  • Help you interpret the data that we provide

  • Demonstrate where you stand amongst the competition

  • Direct your marketing – where are/aren’t you competitive?

  • Discover where new opportunities lie:

  • Territory launches

  • Expansion efforts

  • See your competition in new areas, and more!

  • Deliver insight into your profitability

  • Identify your most profitable risks and see where you stand amongst the competition

  • Provide in-person support throughout the whole strategizing process 


Are you ready to take your pricing strategy to a new level and become a more competitive force in the marketplace? Get in touch with one of Quadrant’s representatives today, and we will tell you more about how our expansive expertise can help you build the most competitive pricing strategy and expand your opportunities.