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Our clients asked, and Quadrant listened. While traditional pricing tools are quite cumbersome—extensive trainings, time-consuming report building, long processing times, and limited access due to desktop downloading—Quadrant's cloud-based solution InsureWatch is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use tool that enables clients the same quality of reporting with even more added benefits. 

InsureWatch is accessible to all verticals within your company. Plus, with our company-wide licenses, you are able to benefit from the tool whether you are in a marketing, product, actuarial, or c-level position.

So please leave the slide rule and abacus behind. With our cloud-based solutions for all your pricing and competitive analysis needs, it’s “one and done.” Enter your login credentials and simply request the type of study you want for fast, accurate results. No need to enter difficult calculations or endure complicated training to use InsureWatch. Here are just a few usage examples:

  1. See where you are competitive (and where you are not competitive) down to specific zip codes and variables.

  2. Marketing departments can analyze long term visions and strategies and define viable products for your territories on the fly.

  3. Predictive analytics. Using our trending reports, analyze accurate predictions in order to anticipate your competitions’ rate plan changes.

  4. The only tool that offers completely customizable solutions. You tell us what YOU want – the sky is the limit!

Download our InsureWatch Studies Brochure for more details on just a few of the types of reports you can build with InsureWatch.