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At Quadrant, we’re working to help carriers understand why they are strong in one area or weak in another, as well as how their competition is able to attack any weaknesses. How do we do this? Quadrant’s Qualitative Reporting is a business intelligence solution that provides a written, qualitative, plain-English summary of complex rate fillings and data comparisons on a state-by-state and regional basis.​

Playing off Quadrant's traditional strength in competitive pricing analytics, Quadrant takes in hundreds of thousands data points and provides, in plain English, a written, qualitative summary of the data so that a carrier can know what the competition is doing and what they, themselves, can do better. 

Created specifically for marketing managers and industry executives, Quadrant's suite of Qualitative Reports offers clients a first alert to what the competition is doing, as well as a way to monitor the competition's enhancements and updates.